Seasonal Plumbing Tips for Fall

Just like you switch up your wardrobe when the weather starts to get cooler, it is important to keep up with seasonal house plumbing basics. Implementing fall plumbing tips will keep you prepared for the freezing weather ahead and help you avoid potential plumbing problems in the future. As winter looms, homeowners’ biggest concern from a plumbing perspective is freezing temperatures, ice, and related damage. These fall plumbing tips will prepare your home for the colder weather, so you can get back to enjoying football, putting on your favorite cozy sweater, and appreciating the beauty of the falling leaves. The[...]

Ways to Maintain Your Kitchen Appliances This Fall

Everyone has heard of spring cleaning, but what about fall maintenance? Fall appliance maintenance isn’t at the top of most people’s to-do lists, but it will keep your kitchen items safe from damages, rust, and just getting old! This way, when spring comes around, your appliances will still be in great condition so you can focus on preparing your appliances for summertime! Here are some of the best ways you can protect your appliances for the fall season: Check the oven seal If your oven door doesn’t properly seal, the oven will lose nearly 20% of the heat it generates.[...]

Alternatives to Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners have been popular products for clogged pipes and drains for years. Drain cleaners are commonly available in powder, crystal, liquid, foam, and gel forms. They all work in essentially the same way. The harsh chemicals in the products react with the clog to generate gas and heat. This dissolves the blockade so that the water can continue to flow. Although they are marketed as convenient, inexpensive, and easy to find options to treat your plumbing system, they can actually cause more damage than good. The high toxicity in the drain cleans like bleach, peroxide, lye, and others[...]