Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Common Winter Plumbing Problems
When the temperatures drop, most homeowners dread things going wrong around the house. Though many issues can occur in summer just as well as winter, there's something about dealing with a home repair situation when it's below zero that worries most people. Winter can present some unique problems as well, especially when it comes to plumbing. Plumbing, as we all know, is closely tied to water and when the temperature drops, frozen water can mean disaster. Though it's too late to prevent a lot of common winter plumbing problems from happening now, you can learn what to watch out for[...]

How to Clean and Maintain a Front-End Loading Washing Machine

If you have a front-end loading, high-efficiency washing machine, you probably love the fact that they save water and that you don’t have to use as much detergent. However, you may not love that if you don’t clean them regularly, they may start to smell. It’s important not only to clean your high efficiency washing machine regularly, but also to maintain it properly. This not only prevents those bad smells, but also prolongs the life ofyour appliance and ensures that no gunk builds up on your clothing. Here’s how to best maintain and clean your HE washer. Cleaning Your Washing[...]

When DIYing Your Plumbing is NOT a Good Idea

woman carrying a DIY plumbing toolkit
It’s the age of DIY and, with so many YouTube videos available on everything from how to change your own oil to how to build a house, more and more people think they can handle their own issues instead of calling in experts. While this can be a good idea in many situations and with a number of projects, trying to fix your own plumbing problems is usually not one of them. While it’s fine to plunge your own toilet if it gets a bit clogged with toilet paper or pour some Drano in the tub train to dislodge some[...]