3 Reasons Why Your Toilet is Leaking

A leak of any kind in the bathroom is as frustrating as it is expected. With more pipes and plumbing fixtures than any other room in the house, issues and leaks in the bathroom come with the territory. 

Specifically, at some point in our lives, we all have to deal with a leaking toilet. But that doesn’t always mean that we’re prepared. One minute you’ve got a fully functioning toilet and the next your socks are soggy from a leak that’s spread water all over your bathroom floor.

With everyday use, you’re likely to notice a toilet leak straightaway. You may be tempted to just close the bathroom door and use a different toilet in the house but you shouldn’t leave a leaking toilet unattended for long. 

The longer you neglect the problem, the likelihood of a rotting floor, water damage to framing and mold growth is increased. And when the bill arrives for that avoidable renovation, you’ll be left scratching your head wondering why you didn’t do something about the leak weeks ago. 

A leaking toilet is a common problem, and there’s no single answer. In this post, we list three of the most frequent reasons.

Is the leak coming from the toilet base?

The first thing you need to do when you notice a toilet leak is to make sure the leak isn’t coming from somewhere higher on the toilet. It’s possible that the pool of water could be caused by condensation dripping down or a faulty float or flapper, causing the valve to continuously fill. 

Such problems are easily addressable and, as such, can often be fixed by yourself by buying new appliance parts. If, however, you determine that water is coming from the toilet’s base, here are some potential reasons why.

Loose tee bolts

You might not have noticed them before, and why would you? But at the base of your toilet are tee bolts that keep your toilet firmly in place. Over the years, these bolts can become loose and might need tightening or replacing. 

If loose tee bolts are the culprit, retightening will often be enough to stop the leakage issue.

Damaged wax ring 

If you are adamant that your toilet’s tee bolts are tightly secured and your toilet’s base still leaks,  the problem is likely to be the wax ring.

The wax ring is the seal around the base of the toilet that prevents water from escaping the bottom of the unit. This wax can deteriorate over time and if damaged, there is nothing in place to stop water spewing out from the base. To replace the wax ring, the whole toilet must be removed so it’s important to contact an expert plumber to repair. 

Cracked toilet bowl

Toilets are built to be particularly hard-wearing but an accidental impact can sometimes result in a crack on the toilet bowl. When flushing, water will subsequently escape through the cracks and run out onto your flooring.

It can be difficult to detect hairline cracks that are enough to cause persistent damage. And even if there is a crack in the bowl but no sign of leakage, it’s best to get in touch with a plumber as soon as possible. 

Whilst an inconvenience, a leaky toilet is an easy fix for an experienced plumber. Our team of Omaha plumbers will have your toilet back to normal in next to no time. 

To have one of our plumbers investigate your toilet’s problem, schedule plumbing services online or call us at 402-706-9931. After hours appointments are available.

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