Caring for Your Appliances: Winter Tips and Tricks

Keeping your appliances in good working order helps you save money, time, and frustration. It’s also a way to keep your family safe and comfortable. Though this is important at all times of the year, having appliances run smoothly during the winter takes on even more importance as the cold can have significant impact on your home. Here are some tips to care for your appliances when the bitter temps arrive.

Make Sure Your Oven is Working Properly

What does the winter mean to you? Most people are quick to point out that the winter months are for gathering family and friends together for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. These celebrations usually involve lots of home-made dinner and treats, so it’s important to make sure your oven is working well before the festivities. Test your oven out by running it through the high-temp cleaning cycle a few weeks before your first get-together. This will reveal any problems you might run into so you can get them taken care of prior to your parties. In addition to running the cleaning cycle, you should also ensure it’s heating accurately by cooking something basic and sticking a cooking thermometer in it. If the food doesn’t heat to the temp the oven is set to, you can make adjustments or get your oven serviced before you attempt to cook a meal for your entire extended family.

Check Your Vent Covers

Vent covers on appliances such as your stove and dryer have flaps that keep the cold air and pests from getting into your house. Once the cold weather hits, insects, birds, and other critters try to find a warm place to burrow and can damage flaps and allow the cold and unwanted guests to infiltrate your home. Check all your flaps before the first freeze to make sure they are in place and not damaged.

Watch the Placement of Appliances in the Garage

Do you have refrigerators or freezers in your garage? Are you aware that they aren’t covered under warranty because of the extreme temps in your garage? To keep these appliances running smoothly, position them as close to your home as possible and avoid putting them near the garage door.

Give Your Fridge the Once-Over

You’ll be storing a lot of ingredients as you prepare for the big holiday meals (or just to feed extra family and friends who pop in around the holidays.) To make sure your refrigerator is up for the task, vacuum the coils so you can ensure the best airflow possible. You should also check the seals, test out the ice maker, and change your water filter. If you see any red flags during this routine maintenance, give one of our pros a call to fix the issue.

Clean Out That Dryer Lint

Did you know that dryer lint is the most common cause of house fires? A clogged lint trap or vent not only is a fire hazard, but it can also ruin your dryer. Clean out the lint trap after every load of laundry and check your vent outside to make sure it’s blowing out air. If it’s not or if the air coming out doesn’t seem to be sufficient, you could have a clog that needs to be addressed.

You have enough hassles to deal with once the ice and snow hits. Don’t add failing appliances to the list! By doing some routine maintenance and checks now, you can spot red flags early and address them before the coldest months and holidays hit.

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