Common Summer Plumbing Issues

Though summer may not have “officially” arrived yet, the warm temps have us all thinking of drinks by the pool and long days of endless sunshine. Of course, with all the positives that summer brings, there are some drawbacks–some of which can affect your plumbing. Here are some common summer plumbing issues and what you can do to ensure your home continues to run effectively throughout the season.

Sprinkler Problems

To get green, lush lawns, many people rely on sprinklers to water their yards throughout the hot months. Sprinklers can easily become damaged during the cold weather­–especially if they were not properly winterized. Before you turn your sprinklers on for the first time, inspect them to make sure there are no cracks or leaks. If you do see a problem, make sure to repair it (or have it repaired by a professional) before you turn them on. Running a sprinkler system that is damaged can result in higher water bills or further damage to your sprinklers. To keep your sprinklers in top shape, make sure you mow around your sprinkler heads instead of over them and keep dogs and other pets from chewing on them.

Sewer Line Backups

Everyone loves a good summer thunderstorm, but they can have consequences for your plumbing. Too much rain can seep into sewer pipes through cracks or holes and cause the line to back up. When this happens, tree roots can then spread into the system and create even larger cracks. One of the first signs of sewer line problems is a bad smell coming from the drains or water backing up in the tub or shower. These issues are best handled by the professionals, so if you think you have a sewer line backup, give the pros at ASAP a call.

Basement Leaks and Floods

Speaking of those thunderstorms, heavy rains can quickly overwhelm your drainage systems and overflow gutters. This can lead to flooding or leaks in the basement or damage to the foundation of your home. To mitigate any damage, you may want to look into a sump pump to handle any water that collects in the basement. You should also keep gutters and downspouts cleaned out and have a pro take a look at the grading in your yard to make sure it’s not leading to excess water being directed to your home.

Garbage Disposal Problems 

Though gatherings may not be the same in summer 2020 as they have been in years past, many of us will still welcome house guests over the warm months or throw parties or host backyard barbeques. The more people in your home, the more your garbage disposal is going to work ­– and the more likely that someone will put stuff down it that could clog it. Fat, oil, carbs that absorb water, fruit pits or rinds, and bones are just a few items that should never go down the drain. Though you may be able to clear some clogs on your own, serious issues will have to be handled by a pro.

Overwhelmed Washing Machines

Your family likely changes clothes a lot more in the summer months due to sweating or outdoor activities. If you have house guests, you’ll go through even more laundry. Using your washing machine more often can lead to leaks or other problems. Check the hose frequently for kinks or leaks and never overload the machine. If your machine does stop working, call one of our pros to take a look.

Clogged Pipes and Drains

Sand, mud, and gravel are all part of fun summer outdoor activities. However, none of these belong in your drains and can lead to clogs. Make sure your family sprays off with a hose outside of the house before tracking in debris and that all dirty pets are sprayed down as well. On the topic of pets, many dogs and cats shed their winter coats during these months. Depending on the size of your pet, this could amount to large amounts of hair that can clog up even the most efficient drain. Brush your pets regularly and gather the hair in a bag to prevent it from making its way to any drains or vents.

Now is the time to relax and enjoy the warm sun and laidback schedule of summer. When you take care of your plumbing and appliances, you can ensure your summer months will be as stress-free as possible. If you do need some help with a plumbing problem, give the experts at ASAP a call.

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