How Long Typical Appliances Last

Your appliances keep your home and your family running smoothly on a daily basis. Efficient and easy-to-use appliances save us time, money, and hassle and most families would be lost without them. Appliances these days are usually long-lasting and easy to maintain, but it’s always helpful to know how long they typically last. If your appliance stops working and has not lasted as long as it should, you may be able to repair it instead of replacing it with a new one. Here are how long typical appliances last and how you can keep them working at their optimum levels.

Washing Machines: 10 to 20 Years

You can expect to get about a decade out of the typical washing machine, though there are some top-loading machines that can last twice that long. To make it last longer, make sure you check the hoses for clogs and leaks and keep the filter clean. You should also use the right detergent for the type of washer you have and make sure not to overload it.

Dryers: 10 to 15 Years

Most experts agree that a dryer is a dryer and, whether you shell out a load of cash for a fancy one or choose the most basic model, you’ll still get around 13 years out of it. To keep your dryer running efficiently, clean out the lint trap regularly, and don’t overload it. 

Refrigerator: 10 to 20 Years

Where would we be without our fridges? Though even the bargain refrigerators cost a good amount (and high-end fridges can be thousands of dollars), they should last a decade or more. The average side-by-side fridge has a lifespan of 13 years while a single door fridge can last up to 20. To make your appliance last longer, clean the inside of it regularly, make sure the door stays shut as much as possible, and vacuum the coils annually.

Microwave: 9 Years

Microwaves are excellent time-savers and are quite a bargain when you consider even inexpensive models that can last almost ten years. The best way to maintain them to clean them regularly and follow the instructions closely so you aren’t putting metal or other dangerous materials in them.

Water Heater: 6 to 13 Years

When water heaters fail, you can have a big mess—and some cold showers. Fortunately, the typical water heater lasts anywhere from six to 13 years though most experts recommend replacing them at the 12-year mark. Other hints you may need to replace this appliance? A lack of hot water, water pooling around the outside of it, and funny-looking water coming out of your faucets.

Oven and Stove: 13 to 15 Years

Gas ranges tend to last around 15 years and the typical electric range can last 13. Cleaning your oven and stove regularly will keep it looking great and working efficiently. When trying to choose between gas and electric, keep in mind how much time you actually spend cooking. Those who consider themselves at-home chefs usually choose the gas range for their versatility and precision while those who just want to boil some water for macaroni and cheese gravitate toward electric.

Dishwasher: 7 to 12 Years

Ten years is the average lifespan for most dishwashers. To keep them running efficiently, clean the seals and filters regularly, keep the spray arm nozzle and drain clean and unclogged, and follow the owner’s manual when it comes to using them.

Have an issue with one of your appliances? Before you replace it, call one of the professionals at ASAP to see if it can be repaired instead.

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