How to Identify and Deal with Common Spring Plumbing Issues

Due to the groundhog seeing his shadow this year, we’re all excited and hopeful for an early spring. As the ground thaws and the temperatures rise, though, it can cause some major issues with your pluming and reveal a lot of damage that was done over the bitter winter months. It’s always a good idea to have knowledge about the potential plumbing problems brought on by spring so you can identify them early and either fix them yourself if they are minor or call in an expert like those at ASAP Plumbing & Appliance if they are bigger issues. Here are some common areas of concern in the springtime.

Leaking Hose Bibs

Not sure what a hose bib is? You’re not alone! This is the technical name for the outdoor facet where you attach a garden hose. The cold weather can cause the pipe to crack or split, especially if you didn’t properly detach your outdoor hose before winter hit. You can usually identify leaks and cracks by turning the faucet on and make sure it’s functioning properly.

Damaged Gutters

Though you may consider gutters a roofing issue, they can present plenty of plumbing challenges if they’re clogged or damaged. Clogs or damage can cause debris to gather and block downspouts. This leads to floods and puddles as snow thaws and the spring rains begin. If not addressed, these can cause leaks in your home and even damage to the house’s foundation.

Broken Sump Pumps

A sump pump is meant to transfer water out of low lying areas like your home’s basement and put it outside where it can’t cause damage. When water is frozen during the winter, sump pumps don’t usually run, so you may not know until the spring if they are damaged or not working properly. Spring is the perfect time to test your sump pump to make sure it’s running like it should and, if it’s not, scheduling maintenance before the rains really start to hit.

Cracked Pipes

Cracked pipes are common during the winter when water freezes and expands throughout your home’s plumbing system. You probably won’t realize the extent of the damage, though, until spring when the crack causes a flood. Now is the time to inspect your pipes and faucets as well as pay attention to warning signs like loss of water pressure and banging noises in the pipes. If you do notice these red flags, it’s a good idea to call a professional.

Clogged Drains

During the winter, most people spend more time indoors and have more guests due to the holidays. This leads to increased use of bathrooms and can also lead to clogged drains due to more frequent use and guests putting things into the toilet or down drains that don’t belong there. It’s pretty easy to recognize a clogged drain, but the bigger issue is knowing whether you can fix it or not. A good rule of thumb is that if you unclog the drain yourself with a pour-in solution or a plunger a few times and the problem keeps returning, a professional plumber is your best solution.

A number of different plumbing problems can occur no matter what the season, but the above are pretty common during the early spring months. If you have a plumbing issue that is concerning you, please reach out to our professional team at ASAP. We’d love to provide an expert solution.

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