It’s Spring! Time to Clean Your Appliances

With spring just around the corner, most of us have spring cleaning on our minds. Are you making plans to clean carpets, clear out gutters, or do a general deep clean of your home? If so, make sure you add spring cleaning your appliances to the list. Refreshing your appliances when the weather warms up ensures that your home is fresh, efficient, and ready to take on everything the warm weather brings! Here are some helpful tips for spring cleaning common appliances.


The oven gets a lot of use during the cold months when hot, hearty meals always sound good and when it’s too cold to grill. That means it’s usually pretty dirty by the time spring rolls around. While cleaning the oven is usually no one’s idea of a good time, you can make it easier by using a combination of baking soda and vinegar as your (natural) cleaning solution. Before you use that, though, run the self-cleaning cycle if you have one, then scrape out all the dried food that you can. Next, sprinkle baking soda throughout the oven and then spray over it with the vinegar. Let this bubble and soak in for approximately twenty minutes, then repeat the scraping. Finish by wiping with a clean rag.


The other appliance that tends to get heavy use over the winter is the microwave oven. To make it easier to clean off all that cooked-on debris, try filling a glass or other heatproof container with a cup of water and a tablespoon of white vinegar. Microwave it until half of it has evaporated, then let it sit in the microwave with the door closed for approximately 10 minutes. Remove the container with oven mitts, then use a dishrag to wipe out the interior.

Garbage Disposal

Whether it’s due to putting heavy winter meals down the disposal or holiday house guests who aren’t sure what can go down the sink and what can’t, the garbage disposal is a common appliance that could use some attention come spring. A dirty disposal may not work as efficiently as a clean one and it can also start to smell. To freshen it up, put some ice cubes and salt down the disposal and run some water. If you feel your disposal isn’t working correctly, it’s usually best to get a professional to come out and have a look.

Washing Machine and Dryer

Washing all those winter coats and other heavy clothes can take a toll on your washer and dryer. Residue from the detergent and mold can build up over the winter months and it’s important to clean them thoroughly once spring arrives. Start by washing out the detergent and softener dispensers with soapy water, then run through a hot cycle with a cup of bleach. When that’s finished, run the same cycle with two cups of vinegar.

For your dryer, take out the lint trap and vacuum out all the dirt and debris. Then replace the trap and wipe down the interior of the dryer with a rag and an all-purpose cleaner.


The fridge is a common appliance that can get very dirty, very quickly – especially if you aren’t cleaning out expired food regularly. The first order of business is to throw out all the expired and moldy food as well as the food that you know your family won’t eat. Then make sure the temp in your freezer is less than zero degrees Fahrenheit and the fridge is under 40. Finally, grab that all-purpose cleaner and wipe down all the interior walls, shelves, and rubber gaskets. If it’s been a long time since you’ve given the fridge a good cleaning, you might want to remove all the contents so you can get to corners and can remove any shelving to get between cracks and crevices before putting everything back in.

As you’re preparing to spring clean your home, don’t forget to give your appliances some love. As you’re cleaning them, keep an eye out for any damage or signs of problems so you can get a professional appliance repair person like those at ASAP Plumbing & Appliance to get them working again before the season changes.

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