5 Biggest Plumbing Myths

5 plumbing myths
You’ve probably heard plenty of advice when it comes to DIY-ing your own plumbing from well-meaning friends, neighbors, or others who like to diagnose their home’s plumbing problems. While some advice can be very handy and save you some money and headaches, other pieces of advice are based on common myths and can cause problems if you follow it. Here are five of the biggest plumbing myths and the “real deal” when it comes to your pipes. 1. Lemons will clean your garbage disposal. You ever heard that putting lemon peels down your disposal will clean it? It’s not true.[...]

It’s Spring! Time to Clean Your Appliances

time to clean your appliances
With spring just around the corner, most of us have spring cleaning on our minds. Are you making plans to clean carpets, clear out gutters, or do a general deep clean of your home? If so, make sure you add spring cleaning your appliances to the list. Refreshing your appliances when the weather warms up ensures that your home is fresh, efficient, and ready to take on everything the warm weather brings! Here are some helpful tips for spring cleaning common appliances. Oven The oven gets a lot of use during the cold months when hot, hearty meals always sound[...]

How to Identify and Deal with Common Spring Plumbing Issues

common spring plumbing
Due to the groundhog seeing his shadow this year, we're all excited and hopeful for an early spring. As the ground thaws and the temperatures rise, though, it can cause some major issues with your pluming and reveal a lot of damage that was done over the bitter winter months. It's always a good idea to have knowledge about the potential plumbing problems brought on by spring so you can identify them early and either fix them yourself if they are minor or call in an expert like those at ASAP Plumbing & Appliance if they are bigger issues. Here[...]