What’s New and Trendy for Kitchens in 2021?

Kitchens 2021
Is updating your kitchen on your list of new year’s resolutions? As we slowly move out of winter and put away the fears of freezing pipes and overtaxed water heaters, we can start budgeting for items we want rather than things we need to fix. Whether you want to gut the entire thing and start over or just want to add a few new fun gadgets to the mix, 2021 is the perfect year to create the kitchen of your dreams. Knowing what’s new and trending is a great way to select the options that meet your goals and enhance[...]

Common Winter Plumbing Issues

winter plumbing
The holidays have come to an end, but we still have the bulk of winter still ahead of us. As the temps continue to dip and severe weather rolls in, keeping your home safe and comfortable for your family should be top on your priority list. Plumbing issues can cause some of the most destructive damage in your home—especially during the rough winter months. Here are the most common plumbing issues that occur during the winter and how to prevent (or fix) them. Water Heater Issues Everyone craves a warm shower on cold winter mornings. The increase of hot water[...]

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Appliances

resolutions for your appliances
Have you made your new year’s resolutions yet? If so, they likely include things like getting in shape, eating better, spending more time with your family, or learning a new hobby. But you can also make some practical resolutions that will keep your home running in top shape in 2021. When you make these appliance new year’s resolutions, you’re committing to maintaining them and getting the most out of them in the new year. Here are some resolution suggestions: Clean the Microwave Monthly. Yes, a dirty microwave is kind of gross. But did you know it can also be dangerous?[...]