Top 5 Common Washer Issues, and When to Call the Pros

When your washing machine fails, it’s tough to know who to call. Is it a problem with the appliance, or a plumbing issue? It could be both, so, to help you figure it out and perhaps solve some of the easier problems in DIY fashion, here’s a handy guide to common washer issues, and when to call an expert.

The Washing Machine Won’t Turn On

Let’s get started with a relatively simple problem. If the washer doesn’t turn on, it could be due to all kinds of issues, none of which have to do with plumbing. It could be that there’s been an electrical surge in your outlet, and if it’s not as easy and turning a breaker back on, you might need to call an electrician. Also, note that most washers have a safety feature that prevents the machine from operating unless the lid is fully closed. If certain cycles work, while others don’t, it’s a problem with the appliance, and you should call your vendor or the manufacturer.

The Washing Machine Won’t Drain

Here’s another common, frustrating problem. If you’ve put in a wash and discover the clothes still submerged in water when the cycle is done, there could be an issue with the appliance. WikiHow suggests checking your drain hose for a clog by removing it and running a steady stream of water through it. Another issue might be that the pump needs cleaning, in which case you need to unplug the machine and figure out where the pump is located. It usually has a handle on it, and you simply need to unscrew it. If you find lots of clumps and lint inside, this may well be the culprit. If neither of these works, check with the manufacturer.

The Machine is Leaking Water

Now, this is where it gets a little more urgent. If your washing machine is leaking water, you may have a problem at the drain itself, and these clogs can be complicated to deal with. Some sites recommend drain snakes, but these can be tricky to use, and it depends on the severity of the clog. Do not use chemicals!

It’s Making Too Much Noise

This is another common one, and the simplest reason may be that the machine is simply overloaded. Most machines have instructions under the lid explaining how big a load can be put in, and if you go over not only will the load be noisy, but the clothes will be soggy when you take them out. If that’s not the issue, it could be that the rear drum and tub bearings need to be replaced, and suggests this could be a complex thing to try yourself. If simply doing smaller loads or checking for clogs doesn’t work – call a professional.

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