Up Your Kitchen Game with These New Smart Appliances and Tools

From smart cars to smart homes, it seems like everything is being upgraded lately. Fortunately, for those who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, smart appliances and gadgets are also becoming more widely available. Some save you time or effort while others assist you in creating the perfect meal, snack, or drink. Here are some of our favorites:

Cue Smart Induction Burner and Fry Pan

Are you always under or over-cooking your meals? Problem solved with the Cue Smart Induction Burner and Fry Pan. This ingenious device is both a cooktop and pan and has embedded sensors that connect to the app. Not only does it ensure meals are perfectly cooked, but it also guides you through the steps of your recipe.

GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven

Want to microwave your food for a few more minutes without leaving the comfort of your recliner? Then you need the GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven. This appliance connects to Alexa so you can control it with your voice. Bonus? It also has scan-to-cook technology so your food is perfectly cooked every time.

Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator with Family Hub

Ready to go big with your smart appliance? Consider the Samsung 4-door refrigerator with Samsung’s voice assistant Family Hub. Family Hub is similar to having a tablet built right into the door of your fridge. You can use it to access all the photos on your phone, use it as a memo board, or access its photo function when you’re at the grocery store to check and see what you’re out of.

Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

Okay, it might resemble Thing from The Addams Family, but this automatic pan stirrer is perfect for those who love multi-tasking in the kitchen. Simply set the device into your pan or pot, set the timer, and your food will be constantly stirred without any elbow grease from you!

Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

You know you love those soap dispensers in the restaurants where you simply wave your hand and out the soap comes! Why not have the same convenience at home with the Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser? This is perfect when you need soap but your hands are covered with grease or raw meat that you don’t want to spread to your soap bottle.

Smart WiFi Air Fryer

If you don’t have an air fryer, rush out and get one immediately. It’s like deep-frying everything…except without all the added fat and calories. If you have one, take it to the next level with this Smart WiFi air fryer with 11 cooking modes, an app that helps you cook over a hundred recipes, and a connection to Alexa so you can do everything without touching a button.

Smart Kitchen Thermometer

Kitchen thermometers are important when you’re cooking meat, but they can be a pain. This smart thermometer not only connects to an app so you can monitor everything from your phone, but it can also track two different dishes at once! Perfect for those big holiday meals.

Brava Oven

Want an all-in-one cooking appliance that fits on your counter? Then you need the Brava Oven. This beauty air fries, dehydrates, sears, toasts, and bakes and even has internal cameras so you can keep an eye on your food without having to open the door.

Egg Minder Wink App-Enabled Smart Egg Tray

Always running out of eggs or forgetting how old your eggs are? This app-enabled egg tray keeps track of your eggs and tells you which ones are the oldest (and need to be used first) and which need to be tossed in the trash.

Drop Kitchen Non-Slip Kitchen Scale

Measurements and recipes are made easy with the Drop Kitchen Non-Slip Kitchen Scale. Not only does it measure, weigh, and convert measurements, it’s app also connects to hundreds of pre-loaded recipes and gives you step by step instructions. Need to add ingredients? It will let you know! Same with correcting recipes by taking things out. Now that’s pretty cool.


File this under something you never knew you needed so badly! The GeniCan is a hardware device that you install directly on your recycle bin or garbage can. When you throw something out (like an empty can of corn or a bottle of ketchup), simply scan it and it instantly adds it to your grocery list.

Love cooking but want to make your experience easier and more convenient? Give one of these smart appliances or gadgets a try! And remember, if your appliances break down, give the professional team at ASAP a call and we’ll help you out.

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