What’s New and Trendy for Kitchens in 2021?

Is updating your kitchen on your list of new year’s resolutions? As we slowly move out of winter and put away the fears of freezing pipes and overtaxed water heaters, we can start budgeting for items we want rather than things we need to fix. Whether you want to gut the entire thing and start over or just want to add a few new fun gadgets to the mix, 2021 is the perfect year to create the kitchen of your dreams. Knowing what’s new and trending is a great way to select the options that meet your goals and enhance your unique lifestyle. Here are some new trends that you might want to put on your kitchen wish list this year!

Lots of Lighting

Bright, airy kitchens are in—especially now that homeowners are spending so much more time in them. If you’re going to remodel your kitchen this year, consider adding indirect light from numerous sources to enhance the atmosphere of the room. Some trendy options are wall units and shelves equipped with different colored LED lights, illuminating the insides of cabinets and drawers, and installing lights that can be controlled with your voice via an app.

Techy Appliances

Many appliances available on the market now make cooking and storing food easier, healthier, and more fun. Induction stovetops that recognize cookware and intuitively heat it are popular, as are smart refrigerators that allow you to watch your favorite Netflix show on the door or follow a recipe from a website while you cook. You can also make your kitchen more stylish with handleless appliances that present a smooth front. Many new appliances can be run remotely via an app, meaning you can cook most if not all of your dinner without ever having to enter the kitchen.

Kitchens with Personality

Sterile, stainless-steel filled kitchens are becoming a thing of the past. As we spend more time in our homes, more and more homeowners want a kitchen that reflects their families’ unique personality. The new trend is for kitchens to feature pops of vibrant color like blue, red, or yellow. You can paint your walls these colors or, if that’s a little too much, use them in backsplashes or accents. Homeowners are also filling their kitchens with artwork, antiques, and other décor that would normally be reserved for living rooms or bedrooms.

Emphasis on Tile

Tile on kitchen backsplashes has been trendy for a while, but the newest thing is to have tile everywhere in the kitchen. Some homeowners are putting in tile floors or tiling entire walls. Removing cabinets to free up space for unique tile designs is also a trend gaining momentum (though you’ll have to identify other storage solutions). Stone slabs are also taking the place of regular islands or tables, giving kitchens a sleek and modern look without sacrificing personality.

Is 2021 the year you decide to remodel your kitchen? No matter what your budget, you can choose one or several projects to freshen up this important room and make it more fun for your family to spend time in. Of course, kitchens have to be as functional as they are cool. If you have an appliance that is broken, give the experts at ASAP a call and we’ll have it back to new in no time!

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