Which Type of Refrigerator is Right for You?

One of the most useful appliances ever to be invented is the refrigerator. First widely used in homes in the 1920s, refrigerators have gone through many changes and improvements over the years. Most recently, fridges have benefited from smart technology that allows owners to access the internet from the doors, create shopping lists, and even access sensors that let them know when products stored in the fridge are running low. There are a number of different fridge options available on the market today. The one that is right for you depends on your budget, how much space you have, and your unique preferences. Here are the basic types of fridges to help you decide which is the best for you.  

Top or Bottom-Freezer Models

The most common types of refrigerators have a freezer located either on the top or the bottom of the unit that accounts for approximately 1/3 of the size of the appliance. These have plenty of room to store frozen foods and are generally the least expensive type of fridge with bottom-freezers where the freezer opens like a draw instead of a door being the least expensive. Whether you choose a top or bottom freezer model is entirely dependent on preference. If you don’t enjoy bending over to get to your frozen foods, you’ll likely be better off with a top-freezer model.  

Side-by-Side Fridges

A common model of fridge these days is one that features a refrigerator and freezer compartment next to each other that take up the entire length of the appliance. You open both from a door in the middle. The space for storing foods is reduced in this type of model, but they are generally good for narrow kitchens. Keep in mind that large items like frozen pizzas may not fit in the freezer portion of a fridge like this, so if you tend to store a lot of large frozen foods, it may not be the best option. Side-by-side fridges tend to cost a little more than top or bottom freezer models.

French Door Refrigerators

One of the most popular (and expensive) types of fridges gives you the best of both worlds. The French door fridge has a side-by-side portion for refrigerated foods only with a drawer-type freezer in the bottom. These types of fridges let you store a lot of food, including large frozen items, and most have ice or water dispensers. Most of the new fridges with smart technology are of the French door variety. If you want the latest on refrigerator innovation and are willing to pay for it, a French door model is the way to go.

No matter which type of fridge you choose, there are a few tips you should follow to keep it running efficiently. The first is to keep it clean by getting the dirt and grime out of the coils regularly. Next, make sure to keep it a few inches from the wall so that air can circulate behind it. Finally, keep it full of food so that your fridge runs as efficiently as possible and always keep the doors closed when you’re done taking food out of it.

Have you been doing everything right but your fridge still isn’t performing well? Give the team at ASAP Appliance Repair and Plumbing a call. It’s possible your warranty may cover a repair and our team can help you decide whether you can fix the fridge or whether it’s time for a new one.

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