Piece of Mind Program

Everyone knows that repairing drains and plumbing can be expensive, however, what’s more expensive is putting you and your family at risk with faulty pipes, leaks, and fire hazards. ASAP Appliance offers a Piece of Mind Program which includes a video inspection of main line plumbing to inspect for roots, cracks, or separations. It also includes a water heater flush and home plumbing inspection. ASAP Appliance will go the extra mile to ensure that your family and home are not at harm for pipes bursting or failing.

piece of mind program

Resolve issues before they become a problem

Our Piece of Mind Program is quite a steal when you look at what all is included:

  • Refrigerator: condenser coils, temperatures, filter and for any leaks
  • Washer: check hoses for leaks and drain pumps
  • Dryer: venting, dryer housing, temperatures and airflow
  • Dishwasher: filtration system and leaks
  • Oven: temperature and door seal
  • Microwave: radiation leaks
  • Freezer: temperature

If you are looking for an affordable inspection on your home’s plumbing and vents, call ASAP Appliance today and mention our Piece of Mind ad today!