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ASAP Appliance FAQ

At ASAP Appliance, we get a lot of requests for tips on how to make appliances last longer, smell better, and maintain safety. Here are some small things you can do to make the most of your appliances:
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To help your refrigerator last longer, try cleaning the condenser coils. This also helps to maximize energy efficiency. Simply turn off the appliance, locate the condenser coils and fan, and use a stiff brush to remove any built up dust and debris.


Keep your dishwasher clean by eliminating calcium buildup. Calcium and lime buildup are caused by the minerals in your home’s tap water. If your dishwasher has white or grayish buildup around the inside, you can typically remove the buildup by simply running the dishwasher with a cup of vinegar inside. The vinegar’s high acidity easily removes the buildup.

Washing Machine:

When you’re washing machine starts to smell, it’s probably time to eliminate the mold and mildew that’s been building up inside. All it takes is a solid wipe down of the machine to get things back to normal. Pay particular attention to wiping down the rubber gasket inside the door and scrubbing out the detergent dispensers. To prevent mold and mildew issues in the future, try leaving the washing machine door open a crack to air it out, and make sure you remove freshly cleaned clothes promptly.

Garbage Disposal:

If an unpleasant smell is constantly coming from your garbage disposal, there are some easy tricks to deodorize it in no time. If soap and water just aren’t cutting it, try using an ice and salt combo, acidic citrus fruits, baking soda, or even mouthwash. To prevent smelly kitchen issues down the road, try not to put gooey foods and grease down the garbage disposal.


Self-cleaning mode can end up being dangerous for your appliance and to yourself. Many people remark that their appliance went out after using the self-cleaning mode, and the high temperatures can release toxins from the materials the oven was made with into the air. To avoid these issues, you can usually see similar if not better results just by using vinegar and baking soda and a clean rag.


An easy way to prevent dryer fires, is to keep it clean. Be sure to always clean the lint from the filter before every dryer load. Then check behind and around the dryer and remove any lint you see. You can also periodically clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct to make sure exhaust is venting correctly. Finally, the plastic and foil accordion-type ducting material can more easily trap lint and is more likely to be kinked or crushed, all of which can obstruct air flow. These can be replaced with a rigid or corrugated semi-rigid metal duct.

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