Reverse Osmosis Services in Omaha, NE

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis is the most efficient and cost-effective way to provide your family with high-quality drinking water. Reverse Osmosis is a process by which your household water pressure forces water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane. Contaminants are rinsed to the drain while your high-quality, filtered water is stored in a holding tank.

How Does It Work?

Reverse Osmosis systems don’t require electricity. This device essentially pushes water straight from the tap through a membrane and filter system to remove impurities to get clean drinking water. The pressure forces water molecules through and leaves behind any solid molecules, like salt, chemicals, and debris. Approximately 99% of all contaminants are removed.

The ProSeries

The ProSeries is the leading reverse osmosis system on the market. It’s equipped with a five-year warranty and represents an affordable water filtration option for Americans. The ProSeries is also manufactured here in the United States, so the quality of the product surpasses the nearest competition.

What’s Included With The ProSeries?

The ProSeries system includes a sediment filter to remove dirt, sand, rust particles, and other pieces of physical matter. There’s also a carbon filter to eliminate traces of chlorine and chloramines, which affect the taste of your drinking water and cause nasty odors.

The membrane also removes up to 97% of the total dissolved solids and contaminants, plus there’s also a post-carbon filter to eliminate the dissolved gases, tastes, and odors that may be present in the holding tank.

Water filtering system

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